ART Is a fundamental

not an extra

Did you know that scientists who have won the Nobel Prize are 17 times more likely than the average scientist to be a painter, 12 times as likely to be a poet and four times as likely to be a musician? Studied show how the arts Foster Scientific Success and how fundamentally important quality art programs are for the learning process in early childhood education.  On The Gogh Studio has found a solution to bringing and keeping these key programs in our learning centers by combining our lessons with the powerful teachings of STEM. 


How Our Stem programs work

We combine the powerful tools of STEM and incorporate them into our art programs! Our programs have been approved by the leading STEM accreditation organization and have been created especially and exclusively for On The Gogh Studio. We provide a unique hands-on learning experience that is different than your typical art class. Take a look at our growing list of STEM approved programs:

-Sustainable Life Boxes

-Pin Wheel Engineering

-Textures & The Color Wheel

-Popsicle Stick Architects

-Clay Creations

-3 Little Pigs 

-Geometric Cities

-Memory Drawings

-Underwater Adventures

-Design a City

-Shapes & Shadows

-Thread Spinners


Relationship between stem & steam

The integration of Art & Design within STEAM educational programs is arguably key to achieving a level of truly competitive innovation. While these subjects may seems strange bedfellows at first glance, the incorporation of the arts can lead not only to higher student engagement, but also stronger conceptual frameworks and more full realized scientific vision. As some scholars warn however, the inclusion of arts has the potential to confuse or otherwise weaken the initial focus of STEM without careful guidance from leading experts in the field of STEAM education. But the change is already underway and savvy educators and administrators across the country are making the shift to a more holistic, yet rigorous approach for 21st century education.