At Home Painting Kits

***Deliveries are made the 1st Monday of Every Month***

***New friend packs come with everything needed to paint TWO canvases***


Step by step painting classes are easier than ever when you can do them at home at your own pace! Each painting has been selected from a spot within our community and includes everything you need to discover your inner 'Gogh'. Kits are fun-based, great for all beginners and all skill levels. Kits are labeled 1-5 based on the challenge level of the painting. Free local delivery within 5 miles from the studio and includes everything you need to paint! 


A percentage of sales will go back into our community to benefit Grosse Pointe Artist's Association's 'Morning Out' .

A free art dialog and craft held at the War Memorial every other Friday for local seniors and caretakers. 

Used  & new easels are available for purchase but are not required.

paint the pointes paintngs.jpg