Need some painting or crafting ideas? Check out some of our great classes! 

(We can also create a custom lesson based on your event or theme!)

Classes Just For Kids

Classes can be customized for Pre-K through 6th

-Colorful Landscapes or Castles For Beginners

-Air Dry Clay Animals

-Cardboard Sculptures

-Clay Beads & Vases

-Sun catcher painting

-Yarn & Mixed Media Projects

-Egg Carton Flower Bouquets

-Spring Flower Strings

-Pattern & Sticker Collages

-Paper Plate Animals

-Paper Plates Masks

-Crafted Pirate Ships

-1 2 3 Easy to Follow Painting Lessons

-Mixed Media & Print Making Introduction

-Finger Landscapes

-Jewelry Making For Beginners

-Sparkling Mermaid Tail

-Unicorn Horn Hats

-Draw Your Favorite Character

workshops & Programs

Perfect For Our On The Gogh Partners & Weekly Classes

-Jewelry Making & Glazing

-Glazed Clay Sculptures

-Watercolor Introduction

-Yarn Painting

-Memory Quilting

-Print Making

-Mini Masterpieces

-Introduction to Shading

-All About Still-Lifes

-Figurative Drawing

-Learning Charcoal 

-Introduction to Oils

-Using Watercolor

-Landscape Design

-Create Your Own Comic

-How To Draw Animals

-Using Shapes for Drawing Figures

older kids & adults

Perfect for art parties!

-Themed Paint Class Parties (Many to chose from!)

-Silhouette Paintings

-Air Dry Clay Animals

-Clay Bead Making

-Air Dry Flower Pots

-Yarn Paintings

-Collage Making

-Dancing Flowers Paintings

-Spring Flower Strings

-Themed Paint Class Parties

-Print Making

-Recycled Sculptures

-Family Named Signs

-Wine Glass Decorating

-Memories Group Quilt

-Coffee Cup Painting

-Welcome Signs

-Memory Tree

-Hanging Ivy Mixed Media

-Mini Masterpieces

Specialty Classes

-Holiday Themed Paintings & Scultures

-Using Art For Expression

-Art for Relaxation

-One on One Lessons

-Wedding Centerpiece Making Party

-Mini Baby Carriages for Baby Showers 

-Gender Reveal Paint Party

-Mother's Day Joinable Painting (2 canvases fit together at the end)

-Date Night Joinable Paintings

-Paint Your Pet