Our Story

Art Grows Community, Communities Grow Art

There's something energizing and inspiring about walking down the sidewalk of an art influenced community, and there's a lot of really amazing places that shine in the arts. And often times, it's these communities that are growing and thriving at the fastest rates! People want to be involved and visit, new businesses and home shoppers want to be a part of it. So why is it that whenever a community or school needs to make financial cuts, the arts are one of the first things to go?


On The Gogh Studio was created to keep art intact by making creativity accessible, affordable and FUN! Our goal is to bring people together through the universal language of art to ensure everyone has access to creativity, no matter their age, needs or skill level. Our instructors are real working artists, each with their own skillsets and style, allowing us to bring a variety of fun-based art classes and programs to our community.

Imagination is one of the most powerful tools we have, by engaging in creative projects, we can enhance our moods, improve cognitive thinking and strengthen our communities through art.